Wahoo: The Swim Monitor

Wahoo is an addition to one of the monitoring systems that relief and assure that the children are safe and not expose to any harmful swimming and undesirable event that may occur. Presently, now that we are deeply involved and in love with swimming, most parents always wanted to go with the safety of the kids first before anything else. This Wahoo swim monitoring system is equipped with smart sensors. This device is usually used as a swim band. The swimmer should be wearing it like headbands. It comes with very cute and vibrant colors for the kids to love. They will not be feeling like bumpkin or weird at all. 

This swim band has two sensors plus a microprocessor in the middle. It gives off one or the other, audio and visual alarms once the swimmer is already under the pool water for too long. Once the swimmer goes down the pool water, the microprocessor will time it. And if ever that the swim band is under the water in a threatening extent of time, it will send a signal and set an alarm. The sensor attached to the device will conclude if it was underwater for more than 20 seconds. It will then set off a warning yellow light to the alert towers that come with the swim band positioned on the poolside or waterfront. Then after 30 seconds, the warning light will then changed to red with a loud siren that would give a high sign that someone might be in danger. The locator device that also comes along with the swim band, will better assist the lifeguards or people around the pool to look for the swimmer as quickly as possible. All data is saved in a central system that can be viewed through a control tablet afterward for future analysis. The locator device made this swim band even better because every second count to save a life.

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