What is a Pool Pump?

The pool pump is basically the central part of the swimming pool's circulation system. It is responsible for pulling water from the pool through a series of pipes. It passes through the skimmer that catches large debris and main drain until it pushes through the filter that strains smaller debris. Until the water goes back to the pool using the main returns. 

The pool pump motor usually lasts 8-10 years. But that still depends on how well and often you use your pool, as well as on how you properly maintain it. The beauty of your swimming pool is still depending on how your pump is working correctly. If your pool water is not properly circulating and cannot be filtered, this may result in cloudy water and dirty pool. 

There are three components that can be found in a pump: The motor, impeller, and hair and lint trap. 

The electrical MOTOR is to where the pool pump gets started to make it work. This creates a beat force that pumps and circulates the water. Check out our previous article regarding Different Types of Pool Pumps.

IMPELLER is a fast-spinning shaft that creates a force for pumping as it pulls the water into the suction pipe until it pushes through the filter. This part of the pool pump is very prone to clog and damage.

HAIR AND LINT TRAP prevents the dirt and debris from entering the impeller. This contains a basket to where the dirt and substances are placed before cleaning. 

Watch out for our next article. We will be featuring When to Replace a Pool Pump.

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