Chlorine is the key!
Chlorine is very well known when it comes to efficiency and effectivity in sanitizing a swimming pool. Once added to the pool water, it immediately approaches unwanted contaminants by oxidizing them. Chlorine kills and destroys viruses, algae, and bacteria as well as preventing them from growing. 

Two forms of Chlorine are:

Tablets: This type of chlorine can be added directly to the swimming pool's skimmer or to the automatic chlorinator. It comes with two available sizes which are the 1-inch or 3-inches size. Some pool owner's also use floating chlorine dispensers. Most of the pool owners opted to use chlorine tablets because they are easier to work with. It distributes chlorine evenly to the pool water.

Granules: This type of chlorine can be added directly to the pool water just by throwing some scoops on it. They mix into the water and distributed by the help of the swimming pool's filtration system.

The ideal chlorine concentration level in the swimming pool should be between 1 part per million to 3 parts per million. Maintaining the chlorine level of the pool water within the given range will keep the swimmers free from harm. This is also one of the most brilliant ways to have a healthy and hygienic swimming pool water for everyone to use. To ensure the exact level of chlorine and other chemicals in the swimming pool, regular water testing is necessary. You may use test kits or test strips.

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