What Size of Pool Pump Should You Buy?

Purchasing the wrong size of a variable speed pump can entirely contradict all the power and efficiency you could be acquiring from a pool pump. That is why it is substantial to know and understand the size and water volume of the swimming pool.

Looking for the water volume of the swimming pool is quite very simple. If you happen to set up the swimming pool yourself, possibilities are you already know the volume of your swimming pool. However, if not? you can always use the calculator online to get the volume of your pool according to its length, width, and depth. In that way, you can also save some time for yourself from doing manual computing. The next step is to figure out the volume of water that will be passing through the pool pump. In order to keep the pool water free from bacteria and to make sure it is thoroughly clean, You must be aware of the swimming pool's flow rate. Why? Because every 24 hours, the pool pump should necessarily be able to circulate all the water in the pool. For the most part, you can look for the amount of flow rate on your pool's filtration system or on your manufacturer's website. After gathering all this information, It will be very easy to decide what size of pool pump you need for your swimming pool. 

And with variable speed pool pumps, it generally comes with different horsepower (HP) sizes. It has .5, .75, 1 and 1.5 horsepowers (HP). You just need to look for the available information of each manufacturer to decide which one you need that will benefit you and your swimming pool. It is important as much as possible to choose the one that is closest to the range of your calculation. 

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