When to Change an Inground Pool Liner

Most of the swimming pool owners are spending the majority of their time trying to maintain the swimming pool through adding chemicals and balancing the water as well as taking care of the swimming p[ool equipment and to make sure it works properly. However, the pool liner that is responsible for holding thousands of gallons of chemically treated water is being neglected. Though they are built to be durable that will last a long time, there are some factors that will speed the aging process. In this article, some factors that may damage the inground pool liner will be discussed.

First is the exposure to sunlight. The sunlight can make the potion of inground pool water that is above the water level crisp and breakable. They are not so good to the pool liners. Too much chlorine can also make the pool liner weak. So over chlorination is not good either. Weather is also one of the reasons that can make the pool liner damaged. Some branches of a tree or other debris from stormy weather that might fall into the pool may scrap the pool liner or damage the bottom of it. Having pets around and allowing them to take a dip into the swimming pool to cool off especially during the summer is one of the enjoyable aspects of having a swimming pool. However, their nails can carelessly scratch up the pool liner especially when their nails are not trimmed properly. Of course in reality, although swimming pool liners are made solid and durable, it can get old. And the older it becomes the weaker it may be. The inground pool liners can become brittle, thin and weak over the years of holding chemically treated pool water. The typical lifetime of a pool liner is ranging from 5 to 9 years. 

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