When to Replace a Pool Pump?

Dirty and cloudy pool? You might want to check if your pool pump is still working properly. There are a lot of things to consider before getting a new pump or rebuild it. 8-10 years is the estimated average service life of pool pump motors given by their manufacturers. 

Since the pool pump motor is the life of a swimming pool system, any signs of deterioration should be given proper attention so that any issues will not make them worst. Your first step is to know whether your pump is in good condition or not. 

These are the things that you need to consider in replacing pump:

PUMP HOUSING is the first to look at when determining any damage on the motor. By using it regularly, the pump is exposed to rain, heat or even lightning. Once the housing has tampered, the internal parts can be vulnerable to damages as well.

AGE OF THE PUMP is also considered when determining the performance of the motor. Older pumps can be prone to numerous breakdowns and repair.

NOISY MOTOR is the most common issue. Once your motor sounded differently, it may be due to bearings that are gone bad.

BEARINGS inside the pump casing are susceptible to rust and freeze from the water. Once the bearings are run down, the shaft seal can be damaged as well. If the motor is no longer producing any sound when you switch on the power, It's dead, it has reached the stage that it can no longer be repaired. 

You need to decide or ask a professional whether to push through the cost of replacing the pump housing or some motor parts versus the cost of replacing the whole pump itself with warranty. By this time folks, once your pool pump motor is dead, or whether the cost of repair is close to getting a replacement, you have to be smart!

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