Why Choose A Licensed Pool Service Contractor?

Getting a licensed pool service contractor to maintain and look after the swimming pool for you is the best option and a smart choice to enjoy the luxury of owning a swimming pool. But if you think that when it comes to choosing a certified pool servicing company is a plain sailing type of decision to make or easy as 123, think again. There are a lot of advertisements and the numerous number of flyers that are given away regarding pool service company, in addition to the increasing number of magazine articles and blogs regarding how significant it is to pick a Certified Swimming Pool Servicing Company to handle any of your pool issues are absolutely concordant with facts. However, some adverts can be quite confusing and some companies that declared themselves as the best choice when it comes to pool service and repairs are not as a matter of fact licensed to do so. This will lead to some pool owners at risk of giving the job in maintaining pools to unlicensed companies.

The Florida Swimming Pool Association sets up proper requirements on how to become a licensed pool service contractor.

1. Must be 18 years old and above
2. Must have a Bachelor's degree in the allotted course and 1 year of confirmed experience
3. OR if up to 3 years in college in the allotted course, he/she must have at least  years of experience in the same field
4. Must have established financial stability and responsibility
5. Must submit to fingerprinting and agreed for a background checking
6. Must provide proof of property damage insurance, public liability and employees compensation 
7. Must take and passed the exam

As it turns out, this license can only be acquired if all of the requirements are met, not just if you passed the exam. Choosing a licensed service pool company on top of its many years of experience as well as a wide range of knowledge regarding pool chemicals like AQUA DOC POOL CLINIC will make you at ease in handling your investment to the experts. They will ensure that you and your pool are well taken care of.

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