Why Choose a Variable Speed Pool Pump?

A variable speed pool pump might be the most outstanding choice for you if you are already fed up in paying a huge amount of electricity bill every month. Replacing your regular swimming pool pump with a variable speed pump is the best way to go and upgrade instead of getting the same one. Although it is absolutely a little more expensive than the single speed pool pump and Double speed pool pump, variable speed pumps have a longer lifespan plus it also works more accurately. They are built with a better advanced and modernized technology that runs quieter than the other pumps.

As we all know, the main task of a pool pump is to continuously push water going to the filter to gather dirt and debris that fall off of the pool water as it circulates throughout the swimming pool. Pool pumps with single and double speed can be controlled by turning it on or off. Given due considerations, variable speed pool pumps are remarkably innovational and a quick fix to a few issues with one or two-speed pumps. It only performs at the speed that needs it to run in order to get a certain task done. This will greatly save some of the energy costs. The reason that these pumps are manufactured differently from the single and double speed pumps is that their housing keeps them moistureless than any other pumps. They also tend to run the motor more accurately so that it will not excessively stress. That is also the reason why these pumps last more than three times longer than the other pumps. Most importantly, these pumps allow you to have the ability to control it digitally. The pre-programmed feature settings allow you to choose or set it for yourself like setting the pool lights or even heating the pool water while on the way home after a long day from work. On top of that. they are also set up with self-diagnostics. It will set an alarm to alert the pool owners or managers whenever there are any issues that occur.  Isn't it great?

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