Why Is Shocking A Pool Important?

Are you shock when you heard about shocking a pool? You are not alone! If you are now thinking about how it works, this article will enlighten everyone of us. 

Owning a pool especially a commercial swimming pool can be tricky and needs a lot of hard work when it comes to maintenance. Swimming pool chlorine is used to sanitize the water and kills bacteria. While having loads of bathers everyday, and other contaminants added in the water, chlorine level of the pool water will eventually fluctuate. Bacterias coming from sweat, urine, sunscreen lotions or even droppings from birds may affect the water level of the pool. Shock treatment is the key! Shocking the pool is important because this is the only way to release the bacteria build up. At this point, you need to put the chlorine up above the normal level for a certain period of time and then dropping it down. This bound of chlorine, ammonia nitrates in the pool water will break up by doing this process. This will surely burn all the bacteria build up and other environmental wastes that was added in the pool. The combined chlorine will surely turn into an effective sanitizer again. You will have a clear and clean swimming pool water.

Remember that if you can smell chlorine, doesn't mean you have too much in it. This means that the chlorine in the water is no longer sanitizing. The only way to eliminate the smell is by shocking the pool water to free up efficient chlorine as an effective sanitizer.

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