Why Licensed and not Certified?

The State of Florida wanted to make sure that they are giving licenses to anyone who wanted to build your pool or do some repairs to a reliable and trusted company. That is why they are very strict with qualifications and requirements. In that way, anyone who would plan to invest in making a swimming pool is all secured and injured.

The licensed individual must have the necessary education, qualifications, experience, and especially insurance in order to obtain a license. 

The licensed person must also take the required examination and passed before practicing.

The department has the ability to revoke and discipline the licensed person if it does not live up and show proper professional standards. This is a very strong encouragement to do only good at work for the licensee.

The pool owner has the ability to file charges to the licensee in civil court for any problems may occur related to the pool work contract.

As you can see, hiring a non-licensed contractor is very risky. They are most likely not insured that may leave you accountable for any damages that may occur.

Be wise!

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