Yellow/Mustard Algae in Pool

Another type of algae that can be found in pool water is the Yellow/Mustard Algae. This Yellow/Mustard Algae (Phaeophyta) does not expand as fast as green algae. However, it is more difficult and more demanding to get rid of. Just like the green algae, yellow algae develop in the same form and pattern. The issue with this annoying small particle is that it only looks like pollen, sand or dirt. Pool owner's and caretakers do not realize they already have algae. Algae is not hazardous to animals and mankind. Nevertheless, too many algae can accommodate bad and unhealthy microorganism that can be dangerous to human. It can also cause cloudy pool water and stain in the pool.
Brushing alone will not help in removing it, even though the top layer of slime will be removed algae below is still there. So in order to get rid of yellow algae, super chlorination or acid wash is the best way to clean it. 

Do not let any type of algae in your pool. There are quite a few things that need to be done on a day-to-day basis to keep mustard algae away. Mustard algae are known to be as a persistent chlorine resistant. First, wash off all pool equipment and rub them with a chlorine-based solution. Then start doing a heavy scrubbing to the whole swimming pool surface. Make sure to not leave any spot behind. Afterward, you may vacuum the swimming pool to waste. Use a chemical test kit to have the best way and the most accurate result for the pool's pH level. Level the pool's pH to lower than 7.6 for this process in preparation for shocking the pool. 

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