Your Absolute Commercial Pool Temperature

Owning a commercial pool is a great investment but tend to have a lot of work to do. It is said to have a peak season, especially during the summer time. To keep your business going even during the cold weather, you have to know about your absolute commercial pool temperature to keep your business prepared for all seasons.

It is said that during the warm water conditions, bacteria, algae, and other organisms are fast growing. These are undoubtedly dangerous and harmful to the swimmers in general. Especially in public commercial swimming pools.  Based on the USA swimming organization, one of the few categories of people that may require pools with cooler water is the athletes. They said that athletes may overheat in the water and will have a huge impact on their performance if the temperatures are equal to or lesser than 82 degrees. Because other than that, it is generally cold enough for athletes.  Keep in mind that warm and cold water have large potential health benefits but it is essential to understand the risk of different pool temperatures. Some temperatures are healthy and safe to perform some exercises. Pool temperatures have different ranges and different effect on the body. The required Olympic racing and FINA ( Federation Internationale De Natation) events mandate a water temperature between 77 – 82 degrees (25 – 28°C), whereas synchronized swimming requires an 81-degree (give or take a degree) pool. Your pool heaters and pool heat pumps will help you make your pool water temperature perfect at any time of the day.

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